Wednesday, 27 February 2013

internet used for

Notes 27th feb

Media changes because of internet
  1. more access to general public
  2. changes are rapidly increase from Tv 1960s to internet changes bbc player 2000s
  3. easier to get things cheaper and free ( spofity, iTunes) don't have to buy albums but just the song you like
  4. company advertising ( facebook, youtube, twitter)
  5. more democratic
  6. new can read what you want don't have to pay the whole paper


The impact of the internet on the media is exaggerated?

Impact on TV:

  • Allows people to watch Tv Online ( On Demand)
  • Shows # on TV linking to twitter and facebook pages
  • Watch old TV shows on netfliks
Impact on Music:
  • web 2.0 allowing music sharing and free coping
  • websites lie spotify and last fm provide you to listen to musc with out paying
  • iTunes allowing to download one song off a whole album and not having to go pay the album
Impact on Film:
  • viral marketing of films, such as trailers
  • makes in easier to pirate films and share/ download